Merge Mermaids Wiki


Events are special challenges that can be played for rewards that you can bring back to your camp such as Mermaids, Chests, and Objects. Most Events have a time limit of 2 days and 23 hours.

Out-Of-Garden Events:

Out-of-Garden Events are Events that take place on a map that is separate from the Garden map.

Name Theme Unique Rewards
Theme Challenge: Greek Myths Unicorn Mermaids
Blossom Season New Years Newyear Mermaids
Easter Egg Hunt Easter Bunny Mermaids
A Comme Amour Fall Gold Sea Horse Mermaids
Clover Carnival St. Patrick's Day Lucky Fairy Mermaids
Love Story Valentine's Day Panda Mermaids
Sweet Lollipop Candy Kiss Fish
Watermelon Party Watermelons Seal Mermaids

In-Garden Events:

In-Garden Events are Events that take place inside the Garden.

Name Type of Event Unique Rewards
The Lady Siren's Research Task Completion Siren Mermaids
Let's Merge Merge White Cloud Mermaids

Purple Fish

Dolphin Show Orders Dolphin Mermaids
Sweet Carnival Orders Honeybee Fish
Gold Pass Task Completion Aurora Fish

Daily Events:

Daily Events are Events that reset at midnight.

Name Unique Rewards
Spin the Lucky Wheel Clover Fish

Spinecheek Anemonefish

Daily Sign-In Reward N/A
Daily Chest N/A