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Pear Tree

Fruit Trees are sources of Fruit which are a main source of Coins. There are seven different types of Fruit Trees--Pear, Banana, Orange, Apple, Grape, Cherry, and Pitaya. Fruit can be gathered for Coins or merged to create Coins, Clovers, Magic Orbs, Frugal Chests, and Sea Flowers.

Strategy Tip: Gathering Fruit mainly produces Level 1 Coins while merging Fruit produces Levels 2-3 Coins, so it's recommended to merge Fruit when possible.

Withered Fruit Tree

Fruit Trees can be obtained by tapping Arches. They start as Seeds which you can either let grow or merge to create Buds. Buds are then merged to create Saplings, and Saplings are merged to create Fruit Trees. Trees can be gathered five times before become a Withered Fruit Tree, which can be gathered for either a Seed, a Level 1 Coin, or a Level 1 Frugal Chest.

Fruit Tree Types

Pear Tree

Banana Tree

Orange Tree

Apple Tree

Cherry Tree

Grape Tree

Pitaya Tree

Fruits Chart

Fruit Caption Sell For
Pear This pear tastes a bit sour, but maybe someone likes it. 1
Banana Monkeys like bananas very much, and maybe so do fish. 1
Orange Orange juice, please! Sorry, there are only oranges here. 1
Apple An apple a day keeps the doctor away! 1
Cherry These cherries look delicious. They will look great on the cake. 1
Grape Ripe grapes are like beautiful gems. 1
Pitaya You should choose a pitaya, delicious, and nutritious. 1

Fruits Images